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MSE Support Program helps Micro and Small Entrepreneurs improve their business by providing them with a 12-session-course called Basic Management Training ( BMT ). Our ambition is to build a ecosystem for the MSE community with many aspects to support them.

Apart from BMT, we also have another course called Start Your Business (SYB). This course is designed for those who already have a business idea and are in need of business knowledge to transform it into a practical business plan.

    • MSE Club : After finishing the BMT program, the beneficaries  can join the MSE club and its useful activities: Thematic Workshop, Business Talk , English Club, Coaching Program, Advisory,etc
  • Specialized Training:For those who are eager to develop their business properly, IECD offers many advanced courses such as Basic Computing Skill, Advanced Marketing, Management and Accounting to supplement their needs.

Main Activities

We always try our best to bring more value to useful activities.

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    Basic Management Training

    Nâng cao kỹ năng quản lý kinh doanh buôn bán

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    Start Your Business

    Bạn đã biết cách lập bản kế hoạch kinh doanh cho ý tưởng của mình?

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    Specialize Training

    Khóa học chuyên đề nâng cao ( Tin học, Quản trị nhân sự, Marketing…)

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    MSE Club

    Hội thảo chuyên đề, Cà kê kinh doanh, CLB Tiếng Anh và nhiều hoạt động hữu ích khác.

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    Add: 98 Ngo Tat To Str., W 19, Binh Thanh Dis .HCM
    Phone: +84 121 694 6265
    Email: contact@iecd.org.vn


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SDTC introduction
The project of Ton Duc Thang University and EFD finished at the end of 2008. With all the experience and management skills accumulated, SDTC has been operating financially independently. Additionally, SDTC has added some relevant content and provided training courses for students and businesses since 2008.

SDTC ‘s partnership

SDTC emerges as a key asset in the success of the project by guiding efficiently IECD through the maze of strings of public institutions. A reinforced Memorandum of Understanding has been renewed for a longer period of time.

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