Basic Management Training

Basic Management Training is the backbone of Micro-Small Entrepreneurs Support Program.

It aims to equip already-running-business entrepreneurs with management tools and help them adopt new business practices in order to attain the sustainable development of their family businesses.

Based on the outcome, the Basic Management Training was designed to fit all beneficiaries’ needs providing both theoretical knowledge in groups and individual advice to beneficiaries’ businesses on-site.


  • 12 x 2 hours theoretical sessions in groups
  • 4 personal follow up meetings during the training
  • 4 personal support meetings after the training

Start Your Business

Start Your Business on the other hand supports potential entrepreneurs who want to open their own business.

It aims to equip them with the knowledge to make all the preparations for their upcoming project. The outcome of the course is a complete business plan that each beneficiary will present in front of jury advisors.


  • Introductory seminar (from the idea to the project): 2 sessions dedicated to the discovery of entrepreneurship and the formalization of the company idea
  • 6 x 2 hours theoretical sessions in groups
  • 2 individual meetings during the training to support the formalization of the business plan
  • Presentation of the business plan in front of a jury and recommendations for the launching projects

Specialized Training

Specialized Training – Advanced Course to supplement needs of IECD Alumni .

After a long time of working with IECD Alumni , we realized that after the Basic Management Training Course, beneficiaries also need more knowledge and skills . For this reason, we continuously provide advanced course for those who really want toimprove their skills and grow their business .

Computing Class : With IT room, we organize Computing Class to help alumni become familiar with Information Technology, such as Microsoft Word and, Excel as well as Internet and social Media.

Marketing Class : Provide 8-sessions-course about Marketing, using the 4P+1 formula . Beneficiaries are supported to build their own Marketing Plan and present it to a jury .

Management : Focus on Process and Human Resource Management to improve the business from inside

Accounting : Help beneficiaries adopt an accountant mindset to know how to calculate Profit , Turnover and Cost , as well as to know about Financial Tools .

Main Activities

We always try our best to bring more value to useful activities.

  • Contact to Micro & Small Entrepreuner Program

    Add: 98 Ngo Tat To Str., W 19, Binh Thanh Dis .HCM
    Phone: +84 121 694 6265
    Email: contact@iecd.org.vn


Beneficiaries speaks about us
  • “No matter how small is the job you aredoing, you have to pour your heart into it”
    Ms. Nguyễn Thị Xuân
    Business: Street food
    Batch: SE25
    Location: District 8, Ho Chi Minh City

    Ms. Nguyễn Thị Xuân
  • “If I don’t change and improve myself, nobody could help me.”
    Business: Selling Rice
    Batch: SYB1
    Location: Hoc Mon District, HCMC

    Vu minh Tuan
    Mr. Vu Minh Tuan
  • “It’s normal to face obstacle when one start his own business, but for visual impair people, it’s much more difficult. We can’t complain, so we have to try little by little. If we don’t , no one will feed us and our son.”
    Business: Massage shop
    Batch: SE36.
    Location: District 10, Ho Chi Minh City read more

    Nguyen van That
    Mr. Nguyen Van That & Ms. Nguyen Thi Huong Giang
  • “I feel contended. In more than10 years of hard working, things could not improve, because I’m not a well-educated person. Now, since 2 years ago, my business has steadily grown, I am so happy, I make enough to cover my children’s tuition fees. I don’t need to borrow money to support my children’s education as I used to.” read more

    Giap Thi hong van
    Ms. Giap Thi Hong Van
    Học viên lớp BMT40

Entrepreuner Program's Videos

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SDTC introduce
The project of Ton Duc Thang University and EFD finished at the end of 2008. With all the experience and management skills accumulated, SDTC has been operating financial independently. Besides, SDTC has added some relevant contents and provided training courses for students and businesses as well since 2008.

SDTC‘s Vision :

SDTC’s goal is to become a top training and consultation center in the South of Viet Nam in the fields of social economic development and capacity building, focuses on:

– Governmental and non-governmental organizations
– Universities, Colleges, ..
– Businesses,…

SDTC’s Mission :

SDTC provides high quality services which are suitable for training and consultation fields, cultivate knowledge and skills of learners, help them get an efficency in their current works and promote in the future.

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