Entrepreneurs in human and economic development to train the responsible actors of tomorrow

Since its creation in 1988, IECD has followed the human and economic development in the countries where it has been involved. IECD bases its actions on a comprehensive approach to a person.  See more 


To create environments that allow everyone to build their own future and a more equitable society

IECD has one ambition: to create environments conducive to the development of each person. We want to create the necessary conditions to allow those willing to do so to act on a social, professional and institutional level. See more



IECD bases its actions on three key values that are key to its identity:
A focus on the person: people are at the heart of the projects that IECD implements. The approach to each person is holistic across both human and social dimensions. See more 

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Operating in Vietnam since 2013, IECD helps hundreds of small entrepreneurs better their business by providing Business Management Training ( BMT)  courses . Moreover, IECD has built an ecosystem though MSE Club Activities to enhance the entrepreneurial spirit of alumni community.

IECD also supplements  knowledge and skills  for beneficiaries through  Specialized Training (ST) courses such as Marketing, Accounting, Computing,etc.