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Across the world more than 75 million young people are unemployed and their employability is proving to be a challenge for a future. Many developing countries face this same situation, while dynamic and job-creating industrial sectors exist in these regions. 

This is particularly the case in the field of energy distribution and automotive, which are looking for trained electricians and maintenance technicians. This paradox is mainly explained by a mismatch between technical training and business’ needs. This is why IECD launched the Seeds of Hope program in 2007 in Lebanon to allow young people to have access to a decent, interesting and sustainable job in the fields of electricity, energy and maintenance.

The Seeds of Hope pillars

In partnership with local firms and vocational training centres, the programme includes updating content, the overhaul of equipment, training of trainers and the development of guidance and employment services for young 15 to 25 year olds who wish to gain a professional qualification in these promising job sectors. Through continuous interaction with companies, training best meets the expectations of the labour market and makes it easier to the young trainees to gain lasting employment in the countries’ dynamic industry sectors. 

After successful results in Lebanon, Nigeria, Egypt, Morroco, and Ivory Coast, the program was launched in Vietnam in 2017, focusing on two pre-baccalaureate vocational training programs : Electricity for Residential and Industrial Buildings and Automotive Maintenance and Repair.

Our Methodology

Seeds of Hope in Vietnam

In Vietnam, more than 400.000 young people arrive on the job market every year and they represent 47 % of the country’s unemployed. Job opportunities exists, but young workers can’t meet the expectations of companies. Seeds of Hope aims to close this gap between graduates and employers. In this context, IECD partnered with two vocational training centers in Ho-Chi-Minh City, the Thu-Duc College of Technology. and the Ho-Chi-Minh City Technical – Economic College , in order to strengthen their trainings through curricula improvement, renewal of materials, training of trainers, and implementation of guidance and employment activities. The program aims to target youths from a disadvantaged background, from 15 years old, and will support its partners for them to improve their curricula by working closely with a network of supporting companies.

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